Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Stella is officially walking now! Yay! I am so proud, she even decided to do it in front of Grandma & Grandpa too! She is so thoughtful! :) Before, she had taken 3 steps by herself but never more than once. Last night she took 4 or 5 steps to me, and then did it at least 5 more times! I was too caught up in the moment to get video. It also sounded like she referred to me as "Mama" yesterday too, which was almost better than the walking!!! She is the most spectacular thing ever. We have also weaned from all the formula, and all bottles except for the bedtime bottle. That one is going to be a B*TCH! She is doing really well drinking the Vitamin D milk from her cups though! She is also doing good eating the "adult" food too. Mostly the Gerber Graduates meals. She still loves bananas, and she now loves mandarin oranges too! Except she calls them "Buh" (Banana) Here is a good picture of her new teeth!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Ok, so the teeth are on their way! She now has the top two in, about 1/4 of the way and now she is getting at least one more top one. At least it's not going to be 3 months in between the next ones like it was last time! Here are some pictures of my darling!

Playing Air Guitar :)

At cousin Natalie's 1st Birthday Party!

With her most favorite food, Baa (Bananas)

Right after she fed herself the first time!

Going Potty like a big girl! At the Zoo!

Wow, you are much smaller than a gorilla!

Right after she unscrewed the shampoo bottle and spilled it on the floor!

She is scary advanced sometimes!


This was from a while ago, the end of February, but I think she sounds like she is trying to sing with the toy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Well, no official walking yet. She has been standing without holding onto anything for about 3 weeks now. She has taken a step a few times, so that is a big deal! She did it for the first time on 3/8/11. She is just really nervous about falling I think. Plus, she is such a pro at crawling! She has also had her 1st top tooth break through. That was on 3/12, but it is still just barely through, the top left tooth. She is such a big girl now, she is not a baby anymore. Not just because of her birthday, she just seems like a toddler now. *Sigh* She is amazing!

Professional 1 year Pictures

Here are the pictures we had done at Portrait Innovations for Stella's 1st Birthday!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

1st Birthday Extravaganza!

I am so behind on posting! Wow, the 1st birthday stuff was so draining! Let's start with Stella's 1st Birthday video!

Here are some pictures of the birthday girl on her actual birthday!

Stella next to the outfit we brought her home from the hospital in!

My first clue she didn't want to wear the hat to her party!

We had Stella's 1st birthday party on Saturday the 5th at 2:00! We had lots of guests in our tiny house! Grandma & Grandpa, Grammie & Pawpaw, Uncle Jack, Uncle Adam, Aunt Nikki. Melissa & Ellie, Tara & Baby Hannah, Erin and Mommy & Daddy! Stella got lots of nice things, a lot of dresses for summer! Here are some pictures from the party... It was a duck theme!

Here is the invitation!

Stella's smash cake!

Ducky Punch!

The duck cake & cupcakes with bubbles!

I have a million of the Birthday Girl, but will try to narrow it down!

In her pretty outfit & bow that mommy made!

Mommy and her favorite baby girl EVER!

With one of her toys!

And let's get to the best part, THE CAKE!!

And lastly a few of our sweet party guests!


Baby Hannah

Miss Ellie!

Cousin Erin!

Thanks to everyone for making Stella's 1st birthday so awesome!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First Haircut!

Stella got her first haircut last night! She was super good as usual! They had the booster seat but it didn't strap her in. But she just sat there like an angel! :) She seemed to enjoy all the people getting haircuts, but that makes sense since she is so nosy!