Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend! We left Friday night for the lake. It was a rough trip down, Vivian cried the whole way. Saturday was a gorgeous day. We took the trail down to the lake, picked up a bunch of ticks! Came back up to the house and hung out for a little while. Then we got in the hot tub for a little bit an had lunch. Then we down and got on the boat for a little bit and did some swimmig. Then we came back and had dinner.

Sunday Stella was a little drama queen. She was going upstairs to play and pretending it was China, there is a gate at the top of the stairs also. She went up the stairs and it sounded like she was having trouble so I said, "Stella, are you ok?" To which she responded, "I'm trying to live my life!" It was so hilarious and so scary!! lol Then I was trying to get her to come and let me brush her hair. I made her come over to me and she refused and said, "I live in China!" She was so feisty that day. Even though she was so crazy we still took her to Cave City to ride horses. She and I got to ride on Valentino! It was really an awesome time!

This is Stella talking about St-appling stuff. :)

Monday we cleaned all day! Then Vivian and I went to the grocery store. I picked up an avocado and she wanted to hold it. I let her hold it while she sat in the cart. She kept trying to put it in her mouth and I told her no. She acted like she was putting it in her mouth and then she would shake her head no. I got distracted an looked away. When I looked back I almost missed that she had a couple little green specks on her face. Then I realized she had bitten into the avocado. She was so funny. She kept looking up at me shaking her head no and grinning. UGH! she is so cute when she's bad.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bugs Part 2

Vivian is getting so smart! She is really starting to figure out what is going on and knows what things mean. I can tell her something and know she comprehends. She can point things out when you ask. She is still excellent with her B sounds and M sounds. She has the flap book Baby Loves Spring and she loves it. It has a flap that has frogs and it says “Croak, Croak”. She can say it now and it’s so cute!! She knows she is adorable and thinks it’s funny to make you chase her. Which is only funny some of the time. She has started sleeping really well. She used to sleep 2-3 hours in her bed when I first put her down, then with me the rest of the night. But the last couple weeks she has stayed asleep in her bed until 3 in the morning most nights. Which is an amazing thing. It coinsided with me starting on a PPI/acid blocking medicine and let me just say I am not going off this medicine any time soon. She is such a sweet girl and I love her so much. Oh, and this morning she was in the kitchen and picked up a doodle bug and put it in her mouth. I think it was dead but it may have just died from being put into her mouth. AGH! Babies!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Stella is so sweet and considerate. When she is at school she likes to pick up rocks off the playground. If she doesn’t have pockets she will keep the rock in her shoe to bring home. She did it for me the first time and I was so touched. So, Monday when we got her school folder to go through it she said, “Mommy, I got a bug for you it’s in my folder.” I was kind of freaking out as I looked through the folder. Not because I am scared of bugs, but I was a little worried it might be smushed in the bottom of the folder. She said, “I hid it behind a bunch of papers so Ms. Natalie wouldn’t see it.”  At that point I was like oh gosh, my kid put a live bug in her folder. So I am slowly pulling out papers, examining each one. I get to the back of the folder and find this:

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

What a day I have had this Mother's Day! I am so blessed. I have my Mom, my Mother-in-Law and my sweet girls. I got to spend time with all of them today and it was great. My sweet girls are the best and I can't believe how incredibly blessed I am to have them. I was getting stressed worrying about going to everyone's house and arranging the plans but I am trying to remember some people don't have their moms here to spend time with. I am grateful.

Just some updates on the ladies. Stella is so funny and clever. She has picked up a few adult phrases from us. So far, Apparently, Actually and First of all. She told me one day, "If Spiderman was real I would marry him." I went to pick her up one day and she didn't have her underwear on. She said, "My butt ate my underwear!" She is nuts! :) Then she told me, "Mommy I am going to marry Brayden." He is a boy in her preschool class. I asked her why she wanted to marry him and she said, "Well, because he is funny." She is getting so so good at writing. She can write lots of letters and did great jobs writing Grammy and Grandma on the mother's day cards. She is so sweet and bright.

Vivian is crazy too! She is working on some bottom teeth right now. She still loves to nurse and she LOVES to eat. She would eat and eat and eat if you'd let her. She is a piggy. Her personality has gotten more out going lately. She used to have this blank stare she would give to strangers. But now she almost always grins real big at everyone and waves. She is such a sweet baby. She loves to cuddle and hug and just all around kind. She is very brave and such a climber. She is working on words. She is getting really good at signing "More" and can say a word that is almost more. I showed her a video on my phone the other day and she signed "more" because she wanted to see it again. She is saying Bye very well.