Sunday, September 25, 2011

18 month stats

At Stella's 18 month dr appointment on 9-16-11 she weighed 22 lbs and 14 oz. She was 31.75 inches tall. She was running a fever so she didn't get her vaccination.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I just had to post something so cute that happened the other day. Stella and I were at Target, and they had a display of Star Wars dvds. On the side was a skinny shot of Yoda. When Stella saw it she said "toad?". It was hilarious. She is so brilliant. She can pretty much spell her name. Then when she's done she shouts STELLA! It's adorable. I love her so much, she's amazing!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sweet heart!

My baby is such a sweetheart. She still gives amazing snuggly hugs and kisses. She is a little love bug. She is getting smarter by the minute. Last weekend we went to Erin's birthday party. That was a lot of fun! Stella was playing with Natalie, a 3 yr old. When she warmed up she said to me, Shake her hand? :) I'm still not sure how she knew that is what you do when you first meet people. It was so cute.
She also really loves money now. She loves to collect change and put it in her piggy bank. She can say "money" perfectly!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Heart melter

Stella is doing so amazing, and she'll be 18 months old tomorrow! The time has flown by! She is so big and can do so many things. She can drink from a regular cup, earlier she said a 6 word sentence. She remembers so many things, and she's like a little parrot. She can repeat anything! Oh yea her six word sentence was: Mister meow get in the water.
Last night when we were rocking to go to bed, she took her sweet little hand and put it on my cheek anf gently patted it. It was one of those moments where you just want to shout because your heart is over flowing with live and joy. Priceless.
She loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse sooo much. She also loves money, we found some change one day. Now she wants any change she sees, and we put it in her piggy bank.
I crocheted her a hat anf a matching one for her baby doll.I was hoping if the doll wore one, Stella would want to wear hers. No luck with that. But Pawpaw was coming over to see her, so to convince her to wear it I told her pawpaw wanted to see her with the hat on. She still didn't want to keep it on, but when dad got here she looked out the window and saw pawpaw and she said HAT! With urgency, because she knew he wanted to see her with the hat on! It was so adorable.
She was just drinking milk and spilled a little on the floor, and right away she said, Come here Darcie! while patting her leg. I guides she really picks up on what we do. Lol