Monday, September 27, 2010

Who Dey Baby!

Here is my little Bengal baby!! She looks so freaking cute in here Bengals stuff! She has started eating little solid foods really well!! Crackers, pickles, Puffs, Banana! She is so smart! She is saying Daddy now too! She is so good, and always well behaved. People always say what a good baby she is!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Life

Stella is getting so big! She was 18 lbs at the doctor last Friday. We had her month photos professionally done yesterday! Jessica was great as usual! We got all kinds of shots, can't wait to see them. Stella is babbling so much! Mostly Ba, Buh sounds. She is doing Ma Ma sounds too. She is such an amazing thing! I love her so much. She still loves to eat! I tried giving her baby finger foods a couple days ago, since she has had to hold her own spoon since she started eating!! She did really really good with the puff things. She makes a face every time, but does good, even chewing them a little. She also does the CUTEST thing, when I sing to her she kind of mouths sounds like she is singing too. I'll try to get video, and still trying to get video of her laughing!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Goooooo CARDS!

6 Month Old Photo Shoot, U of L Theme!

Stella & Grammie

First time in the stroller like a big girl!!

I Love Carrots!!

Hi, I will take this shiny camera for you! K, thanks!

First Time In A Lake!

Hanging out with friends at the lake! Stella, Darcie & Sampson

Stella & Daddy watching TV


Tonight before I gave Stella her bath, she did some decent laughing. It was such a wonderful moment to experience with her. We were both laughing and laughing. It was so cute! I was acting like I was smelling her booty, and saying "SHHHHEEWWWWW, that's a stinky butt!" Then she would crack up! I had been waiting for some good belly laughs for a long time. She had been doing a lot more of her cough laughing lately. I have been given such an amazing gift, Stella is the most wonderful blessing.

She also likes to slap her hands down, as well as flap her arms up and down like she is trying to fly. Haha! We also got her new convertible car seat today, a Britax. It's very nice looking, and Stella likes it ok. I am also working on weaning from pumping. I started about a week ago, and have dropped to two pumps and I will try to only do one pump tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Amazing Milestones

Stella is so smart and learning things so quickly! She totally said Mama last night. Unfortunately I was the only one who heard. She is really getting around quick on the floor, still not quite a crawl. A couple days ago I sat her in front of the exersaucer and she pulled up to standing all by herself. Not sure if I mentioned she is sitting unassisted, but she is. She loves food, she had some grapes last night in her mesh feeder. People are calling her "Healthy" now, a nice way of saying big. LOL So much better than "Oh, she's so little." She really does still seem to be gaining a lot. Finally posting the rest of the August Photos and September Photos.

Also have a cute video of her babbling, as well as chasing the cat that I will add soon!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Adorable 6 Month Old

Wow, I cannot believe my baby girl is going to be 6 months on Saturday! That is so crazy. But she is one amazing little girl. She is sitting up on her own, army crawling/scooting, if you put your hands out she will pull herself up, loves solid food, does a good job with her sippy cup. It's hard to remember all the amazing things she does EVERY day! I wish I could blog every second! Maybe soon if I get a new cell phone I will be able to do that! She still hasn't really laughed yet, just a couple small cough sounding chuckles. She loves the jumperoo, she also really likes the lamb mobile above her bed. The mobile doesn't put her to sleep, but it does make her happy! She is such a well behaved baby, and almost always happy. She has now had Bananas, Pears, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Peaches, Avocados, Peas, Dill Pickle (not baby food style), Apple, Carrots and Mangos. She has liked every single one!
She is almost out of 6m size clothes, 6-9m are fitting pretty good. She loves it when I sing She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain, and Skinamarkiny Dinky Dink!