Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Life

Stella is getting so big! She was 18 lbs at the doctor last Friday. We had her month photos professionally done yesterday! Jessica was great as usual! We got all kinds of shots, can't wait to see them. Stella is babbling so much! Mostly Ba, Buh sounds. She is doing Ma Ma sounds too. She is such an amazing thing! I love her so much. She still loves to eat! I tried giving her baby finger foods a couple days ago, since she has had to hold her own spoon since she started eating!! She did really really good with the puff things. She makes a face every time, but does good, even chewing them a little. She also does the CUTEST thing, when I sing to her she kind of mouths sounds like she is singing too. I'll try to get video, and still trying to get video of her laughing!!

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