Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Poor sick baby

My little girl doesn't feel good still. Yesterday on the way home she was tired and really whiny. She said, "oh no, my face." I asked, "what's wrong with it?" She said, "It's crying!"
This morning in the car she was whining again, I asked her what's wrong. She said, "I'm not happy."

Monday, January 30, 2012

You Are My Favorite!

This morning I was talking to Stella. She has her first cold and is not a fan of snot or having her nose wiped. I was trying to make her feel better, so I said, "You are my favorite!" She looked up and said "Me are your favorite!"  It was so dang adorable. I love her so much!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

To the mother with only one child

I was reading this article someone posted on facebook the other day, To The Mother With Only One Child. It is very good, but I wanted to expand on a quote in the article.

"Dear mother of only one child, don’t blame yourself for thinking that your life is hard. You’re suffering now because you’re turning into a new woman, a woman who is never allowed to be alone. For what? Only so that you can become strong enough to be a woman who will be left."

I think of this often, always nervously awaiting it. It almost seems wrong to have to turn yourself into that person who does everything all for another who will eventually need you less and less. Obviously I would subject myself to it no matter what, but I'm not looking forward to the days of letting go. I enjoy the days of holding on way too much. It scares me to think of a time when I cannot be the mama she depends on so much.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Shenanegans

On the way home tonight Stella got her "phone" out of her purse and was having conversations with her Pawpaw. It was so adorable and the first time she has had a whole pretend conversation. She said, "Hello, my Mama's driving the car and I'm in the car." She said a bunch of stuff I couldn't understand too. Then she had like 4 more conversations starting with, "Hello Pawpaw." I couldn't love her any more!
Last week she did one of the funniest things she has ever done, two different times she was repeating something I would say, ending like she was reading a book. It went like this, "Be careful, said Mama." OMG! It was so freaking awesome! She loves books, I call it book language. lol

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Smarty Pants

Stella has done so many funny, smart things lately I am going to try to remember all the ones I wanted to blog! Last week she had her Elmo sketch pad in the car with her, but it was evening and already dark outside. So, I told her the light in the car would go off and she wouldn't be able to see. Then a few days later we got in the car in the morning, when I got in the car the light went off. Stella said, "Oh I almost forgot about the light!" It was funny the way she said it, completely surprised! Then she said, "Silly light!"

In the car on the way home a couple days ago out of no where she said, "Shut up, Shut up Dog!" I have no clue what dog she was talking to, but I told her no we don't talk like that. I said if you say it again you will be in trouble! So then she said, " Dog Be Quiet, Dog Be Quiet!" It blew my mind, how could she know that those things mean the same thing?! Crazy!

She has also had a bunch of illnesses lately. She had strep the week before Christmas. Then a couple weeks ago, she fell and bumped her head and the next day she was so lethargic. That was the day after New Year's day so Dr. Brough wasn't in and we had to go to Immediate Care. We were there for 2 or 3 hours. The nurse practitioner said her strep test was negative, but she was worried about her head. She sent us to Kosair Brownsboro emergency room to get a CT scan. That was so scary, but her CT was fine and she was back to normal with some acetaminophen.

We had so much fun at two different weddings, one on Dec. 30th and the other on Jan. 7th. At the second wedding Stella got a stomach virus. She didn't get sick until two days later though. She puked so much! I took her to the Dr. and they did another strep test and said she still had it. That made me mad because Immediate Care said she didn't. So, she got some meds for the strep and to keep her from puking.

She has not slept well for the past month now. I don't know why, I thought it was the sickness, but she has had enough medicine to be well. I hope it's her two year molars because if it's not, I am DREADING those!

Here is a sweet video of her reading! :)


Well 2012 is here, I just wanted to list a few things Stella has done lately. She loves her tea set and play food. She is so good at pretending, and loves to give tea and food and forks and knives and spoons to you. She will bring you a soon and say "it's soup." She isn't fond of taking no for an answer, but not how you might think. If sure brings you a piece of play food or something that belongs to you and you say no thank you, she just keeps saying here mama. Also, when she "pretends"to eat her cupcake she licks it, really licks it. I know it's gross, but it is hilarious.
She also thinks a plate is called a table. Which makes sense really, it's like a little table you eat off of. I tried to get her ready for bed tonight and she said "I have to make some tea first!" She is so bright.