Thursday, January 23, 2014

Prayers & Blessings

Tonight when she was saying her prayers this is what Stella said, "God bless Mommy because she is sweet. And let her live for lots of years because I love her." I was in tears it was so incredibly sweet. I love that girl so much.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vivian's First Sign

I am so excited! Vivian signed milk over the weekend. I am so happy! :) She is so sweet. She also has her 1 bottom tooth in and the second one is so close it will be here within a week. Love her!

Holiday Times

Vivian said her first intentional word today! And I got it on video!! :D So excited. Bye Bye was the word. She is getting so big. I was video taping her because she waves so adorably cute and I was trying to get that on video. 

We all had a really great Christmas. Stella had a little trouble with being satisfied I guess you could say. She opened one present that was clothes and said “This isn’t a present!!” then after she had had 3 different times of opening presents she had a meltdown because she was only getting 2 more to open. Hopefully she grows out of that because I want to teach her to be greatful.

After Stella's Christmas program

Stella got gold coins in her stocking. Then she realized they were chocolate. She was SO excited!

 She has been on break from school for 2 weeks. She is still a huge sweetheart though. At bedtime I go in and lay with her while she says her prayers and give her lotion. Then she likes to talk. She asks me questions about stuff, God, princesses, normal stuff like that! I love her so much. She is so funny and brilliant. She also did not want to get her picture taken with Santa this year. We introduced the Elf on the Shelf and Stella LOVED IT! She named our elf Luly Gisselle. Gisselle is the name of the main character in Enchanted. Jeff and I took Stella to see Frozen the day after Thanksgiving. She LOVED it, but I did too. It’s so cute. 

Vivian is mastering her pinscer grasp with puffs. She is still a horrible sleeper. Techincally she has a tooth, but it’s only about ¾ of the way through. I think there are 3 more on their way behind it too.