Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Love my Girlies

Just needed to talk about a couple of funny things Stella said this past week. She was talking to me one day and she said (with an excited gasp) "I found an idea!" Unfortunately my crappy brain can't remember what the idea was, but it was a good one.

Vivian has been a little rough when she nurses lately. She pinched me and I yelled OW! Stella was wagging her finger, as serious as can be said, "Did you hurt my Mudder?!?" It was very stern! It was all I could do not to laugh. It was so sweet. 

We were eating dinner on Sunday and I was nursing Vivian. I couldn't eat my own food because I was using both hands with her. I said something like, "I wish I could eat my food, I'm hungry." Stella was so sweet and offered to feed my food to me "like a baby". It really was so kind the way she offered. :) 

Vivian is getting so big. I need to get a weight check on her soon. She is getting really good at grabbing things and putting them in her mouth. I have eliminated dairy from my diet to try and help her tummy problems. It's been 6 weeks with no dairy. That's crazy! It's really difficult, but worth it. I noticed this weekend though that it didn't seem to be helping with her bowel movements. They still aren't how they should be. So, I have also eliminated soy now. I really think that is going to be the culprit. Her bowel movement yesterday seemed very normal. Hopefully this is the problem solver! 

She loves to Goo Goo up a storm, she is almost as chatty as her sister! Haha! I need to get a video of her talking soon. She is the most precious thing!! :)
Father's Day 2013

My Happy 3 Month Old

Mommy & Girlies

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Crazy Smart Stella

Stella is so big and smart and makes her own choices. It's crazy that she used to be my little baby, crawling, learning to talk. Now she's learning to be misleading and lie. She is so hilarious though, and the temper tantrums are slowing down. One thing I have to say is she is an amazing big sister! I'm so proud and blown away at how sweet she is with Vivian. She really truly loves her. She has specifically said, "I love my Vivi!" And "I just love Vivian so much that's why I can't stop loving on her!" She sings to her and makes her laugh.
Sunday Jeff said Vivian is his friend to the end. Stella was a little miffed and said, "No, Daddy she is my girl baby." "You can ask Mommy, she can make you a little girl baby if your own." It was so funny.
Tonight Jeff was telling her she needs to shut her mind off when she's trying to go to bed. She said, "I did, but then I turned it back on again."
She is starting Swim lessons at the end of the month. Hopefully she loves that as much as gymnastic lessons. She still talks about her teacher from gymnastics and asks when she gets to go back.
Stella is one amazing child and I'm crazy blessed!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wow - So Much To Say

I feel so awful that my baby girl is 12 weeks old and this is my very first blog post! How awful am I!?! She was born 3 days late and came so quick it was almost scary. She is so beautiful!! I love her so much and so does her big sister!! She has been a good baby, we had the same breastfeeding issues as I did with Stella. But with Vivian I kept up with nursing and she finally picked it up when she was about 3.5 weeks old. It was such an amazing feeling to know I tried so hard and I was really able to breastfeed her. She is a great nurser now. She is really filling out too, I need to go get her weight checked because I am sure she is 12 lbs! I am going to go back and post her birth story in March along with some pictures. Nicole, our doula, took some great pictures of her birth. Stella has been so sweet with her from the day they first met! She sings to her, talks to her, makes her laugh. She was made to be a big sister!

So many things have happened in the 12 weeks Vivian has been here. She is starting to control her hands and she loves to chew on them. She has always been good at holding her head up, and her favorite way to be held is up on your shoulder so she can see everything. She is always smiling these days and she has the most beautiful grin! She loves her mommy! She and Stella both stay at Grammie and PawPaws house while I'm at work.

Stella is definitely a 3 year old now!! She is having a lot more tantrums and is very sensitive. I am doing my best to keep my cool with a 2 month old and a 3 year old, it's hard. I love my girls so much. They are both so breathtaking. Stella says something hilarious every day. She loves to play outside, play with her toy cars and go to Target. Every time I take her to Target she gets a pretzel and an Icee. She can do so much on her own now, get dressed, go to the regular potty, go to bed on her own. She is so amazing. Yesterday we were   talking about why she should be quiet while the baby is sleeping (her biggest obstacle). I told her she hears with her ears and when Stella is loud she hears it an she wakes up. Then I would ask her, "What do you do with your Eyes, Nose, Teeth ect." She just had this look of joy on her face as she figured out the answers. A true twinkle in her eye. I wish I could capture that 3 year old magic moment.

We got to do so many fun things while I was on maternity leave. We had quite a few trips to the park. A trip to the zoo, lots of trips to the store!
I freaking love this girl!
Yesterday she had something in her mouth and I asked her what it was, she said Banana. I said no you haven't had any in a while. What is is? She said it's a booger. I said Honey I told you we don't eat boogers. She said, Maybe it just grew in my mouth and then I started chewing it.

We just went on a camping trip last weekend to Red River Gorge. It was quite the adventure to say the least. Even though there seemed to be a million meltdowns, I know Stella had a special time. That makes all the tantrums worth it. She said "Wowsers" at least 15 times. I've never heard her say that before, and she hasn't said it since. She loves the tent, roasting marshmallows, running around outside and seeing bugs butterflies and animals. We went to the KY Reptile Sanctuary and she got to hold a baby Alligator!!

Vivian Marie got baptized on May 19th 2013. Her Godparents are Erin and Adam. She was fussy/crying almost the whole service. When we went up to the font pastor blessed her and made the sign of the cross over her heart and she just busted out smiling at him. It was so touching. Then he held her up and carried her down the aisle to introduce her. 

I need to post about Aunt LuAnn, I have wanted to post about her before... It has been 4 months since she passed and there is a huge hole left behind. I miss her like crazy. Today I was thinking about when Stella and I were over at her house with Erin. It was around Christmas time, we went to Big Lots to get Christmas decorations. She bought Stella this little dog that lit up. At the house I was talking to them about baby names. At that time I was liking Sylvia and Vivian. Aunt LuAnn and Erin both loved the name Vivian. I can still see her standing across the table from me saying "Oh, I love the name Vivian!" I'm so heartbroken she didn't get to meet her. That they didn't get to meet each other. I'm not going to go on too much because this would be a million words long. I know she's still here with us.

I haven't covered everything, but I did my best. My life is so perfect with Jeff and my two girls. I love them so! I'm going to try to be better about posting from now on!! At least I've kept up with pictures.
I just have to say, this look totally captures how she feels about her sister. Proud, happy, loving!