Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Crazy Smart Stella

Stella is so big and smart and makes her own choices. It's crazy that she used to be my little baby, crawling, learning to talk. Now she's learning to be misleading and lie. She is so hilarious though, and the temper tantrums are slowing down. One thing I have to say is she is an amazing big sister! I'm so proud and blown away at how sweet she is with Vivian. She really truly loves her. She has specifically said, "I love my Vivi!" And "I just love Vivian so much that's why I can't stop loving on her!" She sings to her and makes her laugh.
Sunday Jeff said Vivian is his friend to the end. Stella was a little miffed and said, "No, Daddy she is my girl baby." "You can ask Mommy, she can make you a little girl baby if your own." It was so funny.
Tonight Jeff was telling her she needs to shut her mind off when she's trying to go to bed. She said, "I did, but then I turned it back on again."
She is starting Swim lessons at the end of the month. Hopefully she loves that as much as gymnastic lessons. She still talks about her teacher from gymnastics and asks when she gets to go back.
Stella is one amazing child and I'm crazy blessed!

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