Friday, October 2, 2015

What a long time it's been!

I cannot believe it has been a year since I posted on this blog. I am so sad that I have not been updating everything that has happened over the past year. My girls are getting so big and so funny and so wonderful. Stella started kindergarten, Vivian is talking like crazy. We're getting to the point where they want exactly the same toy and they're fighting with each other a lot. Aaahhhhh, Stella started kindergarten! I just had to say that again because it's crazy. She is so smart and she's doing good in kindergarten. She really likes her teacher. I think that Vivian is happy to have a little alone time at Grammy and Pawpaw's house now.

Stella is so into art, she's always been into art but it's really what she wants to do most all the time now. She's so creative and finds really cool ways to do drawings and cut things out and glue them back together. I'm really excited for how artistic and creative she is. Starting to get cold and her asthma is starting to act up again, lots of coughing. She can be such a kind little girl and I love her so!

Vivian is so silly and funny and she is a little jabberbox. She loves to watch the Kindle or the television. She loves her pawpaw and she still likes to snuggle. She loves to brush her teeth and wash her hands. She would do both of those things 10 times a day if you let her. She also gets away with a lot when she gives you her cute little grin.

I'm committing myself to come back and start blogging and keep on posting about the kids what they're doing, funny things they say. I miss doing it and I love looking back at it.