Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby V

Wow, this little baby is moving around so much recently. She is always thumping or punching or kicking me. I don’t remember Stella being this active. I would think in a few weeks she will slow down once it starts getting a little tight in there. We are doing some good work getting Stella ready for baby Vivian. We had a maternity shoot a couple weeks ago and she did great. The photographer was calling her “Baby V” and Stella liked it! She calls her that now and it’s so cute. One morning before we left the house she said, “Mama, I’m glad your having my baby sister!” It was so cute. Even though she may feel differently once she gets here. But we have been reading lots of books about new siblings, so hopefully she isn’t totally blindsided. It will be a hard adjustment for both of us without all the attention on Stella.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sweetest Thing

Stella was extraordinarily adorable this weekend. As a matter of fact she even said “That’s super adorable!” about something. It was funny, but I can’t remember what it was about. I can’t remember if I blogged about her saying “Fancytastic!” yet, but she made the word up herself. She knows I think it’s funny and she said it a lot yesterday. We went to Target on Saturday and I needed to get hand soap. We didn't get a wagon and she was taking a long time walking to get it. I probably told her a few times, “Come on we need to get the hand soap.” So once we got in the car she said, “Did you get the handsome soap?” It was funny.
She was talking to Jeff that same day and out of no where she said, “Daddy sometimes I don’t love you because your skin isn't as soft as mommy’s.” To which I just blurted out laughing. It was so random and hilarious.

We went to eat last night and it was really cold and raining. I put on her coat with a hood. I was going to take my umbrella but the underneath had gotten all wet. I picked her up to carry her out to the car and she asked me if I had a hood. I told her I didn't have a hood. So she took both of her hands and put them up on the top of my head trying to keep me from getting rained on. It was so incredibly sweet and really touched me. She is so amazing and beautiful and I thank God for her every second. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Big Girl!

Time has been going so fast lately! Stella is doing awesome! My pregnancy is going pretty well, I failed my 1 hour glucose test but somehow passed my 3 hour. I was so shocked! But happy! I am going to try and start combining my Stella & Baby blog together because even though I wanted to have them separate they’re more likely to get done as one. Baby #2 has a name, Vivian. She only has a first name though, but we picked that out around 24 weeks. We are on the fence about the middle name, but I think it’s between Marie and Cate. I have Stella in full baby prep mode! I’m trying to talk to her about it a lot, and I am going to buy her some books about being a big sister this weekend. I want this to go smoothly for her and I’m so afraid it won’t. We started operation fall asleep alone about a week and a half ago. I usually sit in her room next to her bed while she falls asleep. So, I started sitting farther away from her bed each night. Then the night after I was sitting inside the door I moved to outside the door. That was last Thursday the 3rd. She did really well and I told her if she did it 3 nights in a row she’d get a special prize. So, she did and she got an Ariel bath play set. Since then I have started staying outside the door for about 20-30 minutes and then going to my room so I can hear her on the monitor if she calls me. She has not called me since I’ve been doing that. Last night I heard her say something like “Daddy’s not here.” So I went back and peeked my head in the door. She said “I’m alright Mommy.” It was so sweet. So, I went in and gave her an extra kiss and hug and then left. I really cannot believe how well it is going. I’m one happy Mama!

Oh, and Stella got to play in the snow for the first time a couple weeks ago. She even made her first snow man! We had fun :)