Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby V

Wow, this little baby is moving around so much recently. She is always thumping or punching or kicking me. I don’t remember Stella being this active. I would think in a few weeks she will slow down once it starts getting a little tight in there. We are doing some good work getting Stella ready for baby Vivian. We had a maternity shoot a couple weeks ago and she did great. The photographer was calling her “Baby V” and Stella liked it! She calls her that now and it’s so cute. One morning before we left the house she said, “Mama, I’m glad your having my baby sister!” It was so cute. Even though she may feel differently once she gets here. But we have been reading lots of books about new siblings, so hopefully she isn’t totally blindsided. It will be a hard adjustment for both of us without all the attention on Stella.

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