Monday, March 4, 2013

Stella's 3

It has been much too long since I have posted anything. But there is no way I can let March 4th go by without writing about my brilliant daughter. Today she is 3, and she is so funny and sweet and happy. She is my whole universe. She loves to read books and go to the library to get new books. She loves to do puzzles and of course she loves her Disney movies. I don't think she could decide which is her favorite princess, but it would be a close tie between Snow White and Ariel. She loves all of them though. We had her party on Saturday the 2nd and that went really great. It was a Hello Kitty party. Grammie and Uncle Jack were sick (probably with the strep Stella had a week before) But we still had a really good time with everyone who came. It was hard for me without Aunt LuAnn there. It had been about 3 weeks since she passed away. I know she would have put a lot of special thought into Stella's present. But then Erin gave her a gift card to Build a Bear as her and Uncle Danny's gift.She didn't know that I was planning on taking her there today for her birthday. Later on I realized that Aunt LuAnn had to have been influencing Erin's choice in the gift.

Today I took off work so Stella and I could have a Mommy-Daughter day. I wanted to do something special with her for her birthday, but also because soon I won't have the one-on-one time with her anymore. It's hard to write that out because it really breaks my heart. I know that I will love Vivian just as much as I love Stella, but Stella and I are so close and I can't fathom our relationship changing. But we had such a great day together. We went to breakfast with Daddy this morning, then we went to the library. Then we headed out to Build a Bear. That was a lot of fun, she picked out a pink Disney princesses bear. Then she picked out a Cinderella dress and glass slippers. She decided to name it Cinderella.

From there we went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. That was a good time, the food was very good. We just hung out and had a good time. She got a little ice cream sundae with a candle and they sang her happy birthday. I got a little emotional about the day when she was eating her sundae, then The Best Day by Taylor Swift came on in the restaurant. It has double meaning because it was a song I used in a video I made for Aunt LuAnn/Erin. And it really symbolized their relationship to me. But also, it's about a daughter and a mom having the best day together...That's about all I have to say about that.

We also went to Target and to the pet store. She likes going to the pet store a lot. She got to pet a little baby bunny! My pregnant brain is horrible at remembering, but she says the funniest things. I am going to have to start voice recording them on my phone so I can remember word for word. She has gotten into saying "Probly" a lot. The other day I said, "I think I am losing my mind" and she said, "Yea, probly." I think it's cute how she shortens it. She has also started saying "Quite" a lot which is also adorable. I can't think of a specific time. She says "May I" a lot also, which I love and I know she got from my mom. Tonight I had to go up into the attic for a second, and I told her to wait downstairs for me. When I went down the hallway, she was following me and there was cat puke on the floor. I told her to watch out and not step in it. As I went upstairs I told her to go back to the living room. I was almost back down the stairs when she started opening the door. She had a paper towel in her hand and I realized she had wiped up the cat puke. She said, "I thought you might need help." It was so freaking sweet. I mean like bring a tear to my eye. I gave her a huge hug and told her thank you. We really had a special day and I am so happy that we have those memories. I hope and pray that I can be the best role model and have the best relationship with her as she grows up.

Tonight after dinner she wanted to play with her "Do-si-do"/Playdoh. Which she got a 24 pack of for her birthday. The box has different pictures on it of things you can make. She was really into it, telling me which colors she needed to make certain things. First she wanted to make the watermelon, then she wanted to do the caterpillar. But she was just really meticulous about which she needed and kept referencing the photos to make sure it was right. She did a great job. I love her SO!

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