Monday, March 24, 2014

4 Yr & 1 Yr Stats

  Stella 4 Year Check Up 40.5 Inches & 36 Pounds

  Vivian 1 Year Check Up 28.75 Inches & 20 lb 1 oz

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Birthdy Girls Part 1

Things have been really crazy lately. My baby girl just turned 4 and my little baby girl is about to turn one. We’ve all been sick and Jeff has been working second shift for 3 weeks. It’s very hard getting through the evenings and weekends without him. Stella has been acting out a lot mostly because she hasn’t been feeling well. She is still my sweet girl though. 

She had her first piece of chewing gum yesterday and did so good with it. She chewed it for an hour and was really excited. One of the cutest phrases she says is, “of course”. If you say Stella will you get this, she says “Of course!” with such sweet enthusiasm. She does amazing in her Pre-K class. At her last conference the teacher couldn’t stop gushing about how she “amazes” them.  She had a gymnastics party for her friends last weekend. It got cancelled the weekend before because of bad weather. She was still a little sick but we powered through. Poor thing got sick on her birthday and she still isn’t completely over it. She also had a cake at Grammie & Pawpaw’s house on her birthday. AND they’re having their combined family party on the 23rd. That will be a Frozen party! 

Vivian has started doing more walking. She took her first steps 2/13 but then kind of stopped and kept crawl/scooting. But the last few days she has gotten the hang of it. She is so happy and sweet. She has started pointing at things, she still loves food. I just can’t believe how blessed I am with these kids. They are everything.