Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Wow, my child talks non-stop. Every night I rock her to sleep she talks for like 15 minutes straight. She is so brilliant! A few nights ago I was rocking her and she says something I couldn't understand what she was dating so I kept asking her to say it again. Finally I realized she was saying, "I'm disappointed Mama." I could not believe she said that! She didn't give a reason why she was disappointed though. One of the cutest things she does lately is she means Naked as a jaybird, but says, "Naked as a jay burger! It's so cute.

Today she wore some shorts with a fake zipper. So, it was kind of like a vertical pocket. So, I'm putting Stella in the car and look down to the fake
zipper/pocket and there its a clump if hair sticking out if of it. I was like WTF!? Apparently she had taken clumps of the cats hair and stuck it in there thinking it was a pocket. It really tripped me it though when I saw it.

Last night I took off her diaper and it looked like she was straining. Then she said, "I'm trying to day on you!" I don't know where she got that.

She is also saying Man after a lot of her sentences. Like, "That is my toy Man!" It is pretty funny and she totally knows it!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bad Move

Tonight I was trying to get Stella to cooperate for bed. I was using a serious tone and told her she needed to go to sleep. She said, "you're in a bad move!"

Last night she wanted to play with my ponytail, she said, "you doesn't mind right Mama?" There are quite a few things she says the phrase for but says it with the intent of a question. Like, "I can have this?"

One morning on the way to my mom's house we had to stop at the gas station. We pulled up the pump and she said, "you have to get some grass?"

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Stella was saying some if the best stuff today! I got to spend all day with her. Earlier she took this little bottle if hand sanitizer and decided she should rub it on my tits to make them sparkle. So she takes some sanitizer and rubs it on my feet. It was so funny. She has no idea what a pedicure is, but that is basically what she was doing.
Then when I was rocking her to sleep she have me a hug and said, "I love hugging you!" Then she said, "I'm your best friend Mama." It was too freaking precious! Sometimes it is stressful having to rock her to sleep every night, but I know when it's home I will miss it very much. I love her so.