Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Wow, my child talks non-stop. Every night I rock her to sleep she talks for like 15 minutes straight. She is so brilliant! A few nights ago I was rocking her and she says something I couldn't understand what she was dating so I kept asking her to say it again. Finally I realized she was saying, "I'm disappointed Mama." I could not believe she said that! She didn't give a reason why she was disappointed though. One of the cutest things she does lately is she means Naked as a jaybird, but says, "Naked as a jay burger! It's so cute.

Today she wore some shorts with a fake zipper. So, it was kind of like a vertical pocket. So, I'm putting Stella in the car and look down to the fake
zipper/pocket and there its a clump if hair sticking out if of it. I was like WTF!? Apparently she had taken clumps of the cats hair and stuck it in there thinking it was a pocket. It really tripped me it though when I saw it.

Last night I took off her diaper and it looked like she was straining. Then she said, "I'm trying to day on you!" I don't know where she got that.

She is also saying Man after a lot of her sentences. Like, "That is my toy Man!" It is pretty funny and she totally knows it!

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