Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Stella put something in her mouth this morning that she shouldn’t have, so in the car I told her, “If you start feeling funny, you need to tell Grammy.” So a minute later she just starts laughing, hahahaha. I said, “What?”. She said, “I feel like I am funny.” OMG it was hilarious. Sooooo funny, she is right!!

She is getting so big and grown up. It is so crazy to look at videos of her from a year ago. The differences are so insane. She is so smart and really a good 2 year old. She did have a REALLY bad tantrum in TJ Maxx last weekend. Jeff was with us, pretty sure he was super embarrased. It didn't phase me too much. I am just glad I handled it without screaming at her and losing my temper. I talked her down, but it took a little while.

She LOVES the water! I am pretty sure she would just swim all day if we let her. She loves going to the lake. She is so awesome.

Here is a hilarious video of her from last weekend. This was not her first time drinking Pepsi, but she was so obsessed with it!!

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