Thursday, July 14, 2011


My little 16 month old daughter can say A THREE SYLLABLE WORD! She does leave out the g, so it's more like Kanaroo. But it is still so sweet! She is so precious and I just can't stand how cute she is! She is the most wonderful blessing! I am going to post her video tonight and a few new pictures too!

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Stella is Smart!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4 Word Sentences

Well, Stella is using 4 word sentences now! It doesn't seem like its been that long since she was doing 3 words. Maybe a few weeks! She said "Get in the water." Tonight when it was bath time. I also got the best video of her saying different things. It's not just that she can say so many things, but she knows what they all are. All the time she sees something and says the word out of the blue. Without coaching or anything. It's crazy. Last night we were in her room and there was a towel on the floor. She plain as day said towel. Sometimes I have to pay attention to what is around to be able to deceifer what word she is saying, but it usually sounds pretty close.
This morning she had on a new top and it was SO adorable! So, I said "Oh my gosh" a couple times because she was just so cute. Then she started saying "Oh gosh". So cute and funny!

Monday, July 11, 2011


I totally forgot that Stella can also COUNT! To at least 6 in a row all by herself. I knew she could say the number two, because she does when you count to 3. I was counting to 3 the other day and I stopped and she kept going all the way to 6! I was like OMG! It is crazy. She has a tool bench toy at my mom's house that counts to 10 when you push the "nails". My mom said she can actually do it to 10, but I have only heard her go to 6! Either way, it's totally awesome! I just can't beleive how blessed I am to have her. She lights up every day of my life. She is so sweet and gives the best hugs and kisses. She is also so funny and I am so proud of her. There aren't words to explain how much I love her, and how much she means to me! :)

Ever Growing List!

I am posting the ever growing list of words Stella is saying!I am not adding animal sounds since that is on a different list!

1. Go
2. Again
3. Jesus
4. Pig
5. Hat
6. Mouth
6. Pickle
7. Silly
8. Cat
9. Dog
10. Fish
11. Yea
12. Eye
13. Button
14. Ear
15. Bug
16. Bubbles
17. Ball
18. Flower
19. Daddy
20. Down
21. Diddy
22. Hi
23. Chicken
24. Beer
25. Kitty
26. Milk
27. Book
28. Geese
29. Moon
30. Jack
31. Cake
32. Baby
33. Cow
34. Owl
35. Gross
36. Darce
37. Get
38. Wake
39. Come
40. Mom
41. Pop
42. Hello
43. Cheese
44. Casey
45. Mickey
46. Nope
47. Gross
48. Darce
49. Earrings
50. Bicycle
51. Purse
52. Car
53. Please
54. Bed
55. Peace
56. Bad
57. Big
58. Away
59. Row
60. Balloon
61. Zoo
62. Beep
63. Duck

Friday, July 8, 2011


So, I am late posting, but Stella picked up some new words last weekend! Sunday she out of no where starting saying Darce for Darcie, which she pronounces very well! She used to just call her dog! She also said Gross, after I said it. She says Nope now too, it's so cute! Oh, and when you say something is yucky she will say "Shhhhhew!" lol! She has finally started saying Sheep, since Baa was the first animal sound she learned, she really didn't learn the word Sheep. She now says it, but it sound more like Shit. Oops! She is doing so many two word phrases, Get Down, Turn Around, Bye _____. She loves to play with her animals, and she likes to get in her crib and play too. She likes to say bye to most everything, even inanimate objects. There is candy on my night stand from Easter, I only let her have it every once in a while. But she always sees it and points it out, then when we leave the room she will say Bye Candy!

She has started calling my Dad Pawp instead of Pawpaw. She used to call him Paw, and so she has moved on to adding the second P but not the whole word. It's pretty cute, so I don't know if she will call him Pawpaw or Pawp! lol

She also said Pee Pee when she woke up from her nap a few days ago. When they put her on the potty she really did pee!! I am not trying to train her hard core, but I do want her to understand it.

Oh, and a facial feature to her repertoire, Chin! :)

She is the best thing ever, and I love her so much!