Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4 Word Sentences

Well, Stella is using 4 word sentences now! It doesn't seem like its been that long since she was doing 3 words. Maybe a few weeks! She said "Get in the water." Tonight when it was bath time. I also got the best video of her saying different things. It's not just that she can say so many things, but she knows what they all are. All the time she sees something and says the word out of the blue. Without coaching or anything. It's crazy. Last night we were in her room and there was a towel on the floor. She plain as day said towel. Sometimes I have to pay attention to what is around to be able to deceifer what word she is saying, but it usually sounds pretty close.
This morning she had on a new top and it was SO adorable! So, I said "Oh my gosh" a couple times because she was just so cute. Then she started saying "Oh gosh". So cute and funny!

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