Friday, July 8, 2011


So, I am late posting, but Stella picked up some new words last weekend! Sunday she out of no where starting saying Darce for Darcie, which she pronounces very well! She used to just call her dog! She also said Gross, after I said it. She says Nope now too, it's so cute! Oh, and when you say something is yucky she will say "Shhhhhew!" lol! She has finally started saying Sheep, since Baa was the first animal sound she learned, she really didn't learn the word Sheep. She now says it, but it sound more like Shit. Oops! She is doing so many two word phrases, Get Down, Turn Around, Bye _____. She loves to play with her animals, and she likes to get in her crib and play too. She likes to say bye to most everything, even inanimate objects. There is candy on my night stand from Easter, I only let her have it every once in a while. But she always sees it and points it out, then when we leave the room she will say Bye Candy!

She has started calling my Dad Pawp instead of Pawpaw. She used to call him Paw, and so she has moved on to adding the second P but not the whole word. It's pretty cute, so I don't know if she will call him Pawpaw or Pawp! lol

She also said Pee Pee when she woke up from her nap a few days ago. When they put her on the potty she really did pee!! I am not trying to train her hard core, but I do want her to understand it.

Oh, and a facial feature to her repertoire, Chin! :)

She is the best thing ever, and I love her so much!

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