Thursday, June 30, 2011

So smart!

I feel like I say it over & over, but I can't help it. She just does so many amazing things every day. This morning she put "bye" & "daddy" together all by herself. Yesterday Jack was eating a banana and I asked Stella what he was doing. She clearly said "Jack eat baah". She is also able to name things by hearing the sound they make. So, if a loud car goes by, even if we can't see it, she will say car. She's also great with dogs and airplanes!

She can say SO many words! She will just pick them up after hearing them once. When she is in the bath tub she has a big cup with a handle, and a little "cup" that is really a shaving cream lid. She can hold the little cup and take the big one and pour water into the little cup.

She had taken the lid off Daddy's blue highlighter and decided to taste it!

Oh yeah, I can't remember if I already talked about this, but she can name and point out facial features. She says them all really well, and gets Hair, Ears, Mouth, Teeth, and Eyes right every time. Sometimes she will point to a mouth when she says Nose, but she usually gets it right. I wish I could remember every word and every cute thing she says. I will upload photos soon, been slacking on that!

This morning she was doing more word combinations, Sit Down and Silly Dog. She has said Sit Down before (sit sounds more like shit). Oh yea, and she is usually very clingy to me over her Daddy. But I had to wash my hair this morning and she woke up 30 minutes early at 6 a.m. So, I took her into our room, and told her she was going to lay down and sleep with Daddy. I thought I would just lay her down and she would cry and say Mom. But she did the exact opposite, she said Bye Mom, and went back to sleep!!!!! Haha, I was like what, huh?!?

She has really perfected her "Fish Face"!

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