Monday, June 20, 2011

Go Away!

Ahh my little baby is getting so big, and so smart! I love her to pieces! She is picking up new things left & right. When she was at my parents house last week, she was sitting with my dad and the cats were there. My dad told the cats to "Go Away!". He said it 2 times at the most, and Stella picked it up right away! She is not saying it in contex yet, it's actually the only thing she doesn't say in context. But she says it over and over and over! It is so funny, and hard not to laugh. We are trying not to acknowledge it so she doesn't start saying it on purpose, and all the time! She is good enough at "No", I am not ready for "Go Away!". lol

She has mastered some more animal sounds, these are the ones she does:
Sheep - Baa (she has been doing that one for months!)
Cow - Moo (sounds more like Mmmmmmm)
Duck - Quack (sounds like ack)
Snake - Ssssss
Bear - Grrr
Goose - Honk
Donkey - HeeHaw (she just does the Hee right now)
Rooster - Cock-a-doodle-do (so far she just does cock)
Puppy Dog - Bow Wow ( this is my favorite :)
Kitty - Meow Meow
Chick - Peep
Puffer Fish - Phfft (Like blowing air out your mouth)
Horse - Neigh
Owl - Who

There are probably a couple I forgot! She is just so bright and amazing. I am beyond blessed!

A few pics from our Father's Day trip to the lake!

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