Friday, September 28, 2012

So Proud!

My girl is getting so big! I am incredibly proud of her. We started a new routine last week where I would rock her for a few minutes then put her in her bed and let her fall asleep there. I still have stayed in the room with her, but we have made a lot of progress. I told her if she did it for 10 days she would get a super special surprise. She got a surprise every morning, but today (day 10) she got a special sign and I played “Lo Hicimos – We Did it!” the Dora song. Then she got a Snow White dress up dress and a little snow white doll. She has really done great. Hopefully we can start working towards me making my way out of the room as she falls asleep. Nervous about that.

She has been so cute lately. Last week we were up in the morning and she was sitting with me, my stomach growled really loud and I said, “Did you hear that?” She said, “Was that the little baby?” It was so cute and hilarious. She sings the cutest songs. She is so hilarious. 

New Baby

We told Stella about the new baby today in hopes that she will be more gentle with my stomach. She was so cute about it! We said "Do you like babies?" and she said "Yes!" I said, "Earlier when I asked you, you said no." Then she said, "Oh but I want this one!" Then she got things to give to the baby and laid them on my stomach! She told us when the baby comes she is going to jump out and say "Surprise!!" It was so funny, then she proceeded to act it out for us. I love her!

Fresh & Clean

Stella is doing amazing as usual! She is still the funniest thing ever, and so much fun. I am enjoying this age so much! Even with the crazy tantrums! We went to the science museum on Friday, just Stella & I. It was fun. Then we went to the lake with Daddy, InSub, Rhonda, Tom, Mark, Audrey and Makenzie to celebrate 4th of July! We had a blast there too! It was hot, but that didn't stop us. Daddy & InSub put on a really awesome fireworks show. Stella even got to do some sparklers! Audrey got some fantastic pictures of that too. Stella was playing with dominoes one day and she was stacking them. So, Jeff was doing it too. He got his stack up and said, "Look, I did it!" Stella looked at it and said, "It's going to fall over." Then she proceeded to slam it down with her hand. It was SO FUNNY!

This morning while I was trying to get us ready to go out the door Stella spilled her yogurt drink on herself and the couch. So, I got her down and was cleaning her up. I got some new pants to put on her and she looked at them and said, "Are those fresh and clean?"  It was so cute!

She is the most amazing thing I have ever done, and I try so hard to do all the right things for her.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Crazy Girl

Stella is extra hilarious today. We have a thing we do where I say do you know how much I love you? And first she always says Up to the moon and all the way back. So, today I asked her and she said All the way to Dixie Highway!

Thursday we were in the car the sun was shining on her. She was wiggling  her fingers and said My shadow looks like french fries.