Friday, September 28, 2012

Fresh & Clean

Stella is doing amazing as usual! She is still the funniest thing ever, and so much fun. I am enjoying this age so much! Even with the crazy tantrums! We went to the science museum on Friday, just Stella & I. It was fun. Then we went to the lake with Daddy, InSub, Rhonda, Tom, Mark, Audrey and Makenzie to celebrate 4th of July! We had a blast there too! It was hot, but that didn't stop us. Daddy & InSub put on a really awesome fireworks show. Stella even got to do some sparklers! Audrey got some fantastic pictures of that too. Stella was playing with dominoes one day and she was stacking them. So, Jeff was doing it too. He got his stack up and said, "Look, I did it!" Stella looked at it and said, "It's going to fall over." Then she proceeded to slam it down with her hand. It was SO FUNNY!

This morning while I was trying to get us ready to go out the door Stella spilled her yogurt drink on herself and the couch. So, I got her down and was cleaning her up. I got some new pants to put on her and she looked at them and said, "Are those fresh and clean?"  It was so cute!

She is the most amazing thing I have ever done, and I try so hard to do all the right things for her.

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