Sunday, June 5, 2011

My little lady!

Stella is getting so big! I am so sad I don't have more time to blog. I really need to make time! She does so many things every day. The other night I was rocking her for bed and I don't remember why, but she laughed and rolled her eyes! She is doing pretty good eating regular food, we've been doing that for about a month or two. She refuses to eat ANY vegetables, I have tried everything! I have found two ways to get her to, making spinach nuggets & putting mustard on the veggies. She loves mustard, she gets that from me! She really likes things that are sour like lemons and pickles. She has also does something really cute when I play Words With Friends. If you shake the phone the letters rearrange, and make a bubbly sound, Stella will shake her head back and forth.

She still LOVES books, and she is saying quite a few words now. I am making up a list and will post it soon! She is so smart, she will get my keys and go to the door, she even knows which key goes to the door and puts it up to the handle. She is 15 months now, so its only been a month since she started walking, but she is a pro at it! She is even really good with stairs.She can do itsy bitsy spider hand motions when I sing the song. She has such a great personality, and she is so funny!

She loves books, her favorites are:

The Lion's Paw, Wherever You Are, On The Night You Were Born, Knuffle Bunny, Little Blue Truck, Time For Bed, Where The Wild Things Are

Knuffle Bunny is a really good book, it's so cute! There is a part in the book where the 2 year old is mad because she lost her bunny. So, Trixie (the girl in the book), is yelling at her daddy in toddler babble. She says, AGGLE PLAGGLE FLABBLE! Wumpy Flappy! Snurp! Everytime I read that part Stella says "Yea!". It's so cute and funny, like she totally agrees with Trixie. Ahh I love her so much!

Here are some recent pictures!

Practicing our Fish Faces!


Stella & Daddy!

Fun in the Pool!

Mmmm Watermelon!

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