Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Big Girl!

Time has been going so fast lately! Stella is doing awesome! My pregnancy is going pretty well, I failed my 1 hour glucose test but somehow passed my 3 hour. I was so shocked! But happy! I am going to try and start combining my Stella & Baby blog together because even though I wanted to have them separate they’re more likely to get done as one. Baby #2 has a name, Vivian. She only has a first name though, but we picked that out around 24 weeks. We are on the fence about the middle name, but I think it’s between Marie and Cate. I have Stella in full baby prep mode! I’m trying to talk to her about it a lot, and I am going to buy her some books about being a big sister this weekend. I want this to go smoothly for her and I’m so afraid it won’t. We started operation fall asleep alone about a week and a half ago. I usually sit in her room next to her bed while she falls asleep. So, I started sitting farther away from her bed each night. Then the night after I was sitting inside the door I moved to outside the door. That was last Thursday the 3rd. She did really well and I told her if she did it 3 nights in a row she’d get a special prize. So, she did and she got an Ariel bath play set. Since then I have started staying outside the door for about 20-30 minutes and then going to my room so I can hear her on the monitor if she calls me. She has not called me since I’ve been doing that. Last night I heard her say something like “Daddy’s not here.” So I went back and peeked my head in the door. She said “I’m alright Mommy.” It was so sweet. So, I went in and gave her an extra kiss and hug and then left. I really cannot believe how well it is going. I’m one happy Mama!

Oh, and Stella got to play in the snow for the first time a couple weeks ago. She even made her first snow man! We had fun :)

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