Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 2012

Stella had a great Christmas! She has done so many cute and funny things lately. I never get tired of watching and listening to her. EVER! She is so sweet and quick. A few weeks ago there was a birthday party for a friend of mines daughter. There was a huge play ground thing for the kids to play in. It was three stories tall. There were a couple of ball pits on the bottom level and Stella played around those for a while. Obviously I didn't go in with her, but eventually she made her way up to the second level. She even found her way over to a section that was kind of hidden and harder to get to. I was so proud of her for going up there all by herself. I was probably beaming when she got to the third level. It was so great to watch her be independent like that.

She has been really excited for Christmas, just like with Halloween, she LOVES the decorations. Every time we go by a house that is decorated she says, “Christmas House!”. We have even seen a few “Christmas Gazebos!” There is one house close to our old house that has an inflatable thing, it’s two snow men, a bear and a penguin. They are dressed as carolers and it plays Christmas songs. She specifically requests to go by that one.

I completely forgot that we have moved into our new house as well. Stella has done really well in the transition from our house to Adam’s house to the new house. She likes the new house. We got her a new twin sized bed when we moved in. She had her first night in that in her new room and did great. She is just getting so grown up.

Yesterday it was freezing cold and sleeting when we went out to the car in the morning. I got her in the car and said, “Hurry up and get buckled, I’m going to freeze my butt off out here!” She very seriously said, “Oh Mama hurry, if you freeze your butt off you won’t be able to go pee pee!” It was so cute and funny.

Today in the car she said, “Mama I need to tell you something.” She says that a lot and most of the time it is her telling me something that maybe she shouldn't have done. She pretty much tattles on herself. So I ask her what she needs to tell me. She said, “That is just how I’m made.” I was like, OK. Then she said, “When I burp *BURP* I say, That is just how I was made.” And she is doing this thing with her hand, like explaining. I don’t know where the hell that came from!!

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