Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Love my Girlies

Just needed to talk about a couple of funny things Stella said this past week. She was talking to me one day and she said (with an excited gasp) "I found an idea!" Unfortunately my crappy brain can't remember what the idea was, but it was a good one.

Vivian has been a little rough when she nurses lately. She pinched me and I yelled OW! Stella was wagging her finger, as serious as can be said, "Did you hurt my Mudder?!?" It was very stern! It was all I could do not to laugh. It was so sweet. 

We were eating dinner on Sunday and I was nursing Vivian. I couldn't eat my own food because I was using both hands with her. I said something like, "I wish I could eat my food, I'm hungry." Stella was so sweet and offered to feed my food to me "like a baby". It really was so kind the way she offered. :) 

Vivian is getting so big. I need to get a weight check on her soon. She is getting really good at grabbing things and putting them in her mouth. I have eliminated dairy from my diet to try and help her tummy problems. It's been 6 weeks with no dairy. That's crazy! It's really difficult, but worth it. I noticed this weekend though that it didn't seem to be helping with her bowel movements. They still aren't how they should be. So, I have also eliminated soy now. I really think that is going to be the culprit. Her bowel movement yesterday seemed very normal. Hopefully this is the problem solver! 

She loves to Goo Goo up a storm, she is almost as chatty as her sister! Haha! I need to get a video of her talking soon. She is the most precious thing!! :)
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