Sunday, January 15, 2012


Well 2012 is here, I just wanted to list a few things Stella has done lately. She loves her tea set and play food. She is so good at pretending, and loves to give tea and food and forks and knives and spoons to you. She will bring you a soon and say "it's soup." She isn't fond of taking no for an answer, but not how you might think. If sure brings you a piece of play food or something that belongs to you and you say no thank you, she just keeps saying here mama. Also, when she "pretends"to eat her cupcake she licks it, really licks it. I know it's gross, but it is hilarious.
She also thinks a plate is called a table. Which makes sense really, it's like a little table you eat off of. I tried to get her ready for bed tonight and she said "I have to make some tea first!" She is so bright.

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