Saturday, September 11, 2010


Tonight before I gave Stella her bath, she did some decent laughing. It was such a wonderful moment to experience with her. We were both laughing and laughing. It was so cute! I was acting like I was smelling her booty, and saying "SHHHHEEWWWWW, that's a stinky butt!" Then she would crack up! I had been waiting for some good belly laughs for a long time. She had been doing a lot more of her cough laughing lately. I have been given such an amazing gift, Stella is the most wonderful blessing.

She also likes to slap her hands down, as well as flap her arms up and down like she is trying to fly. Haha! We also got her new convertible car seat today, a Britax. It's very nice looking, and Stella likes it ok. I am also working on weaning from pumping. I started about a week ago, and have dropped to two pumps and I will try to only do one pump tomorrow.

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