Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bugs Part 2

Vivian is getting so smart! She is really starting to figure out what is going on and knows what things mean. I can tell her something and know she comprehends. She can point things out when you ask. She is still excellent with her B sounds and M sounds. She has the flap book Baby Loves Spring and she loves it. It has a flap that has frogs and it says “Croak, Croak”. She can say it now and it’s so cute!! She knows she is adorable and thinks it’s funny to make you chase her. Which is only funny some of the time. She has started sleeping really well. She used to sleep 2-3 hours in her bed when I first put her down, then with me the rest of the night. But the last couple weeks she has stayed asleep in her bed until 3 in the morning most nights. Which is an amazing thing. It coinsided with me starting on a PPI/acid blocking medicine and let me just say I am not going off this medicine any time soon. She is such a sweet girl and I love her so much. Oh, and this morning she was in the kitchen and picked up a doodle bug and put it in her mouth. I think it was dead but it may have just died from being put into her mouth. AGH! Babies!

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