Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stella Rose Westenhofer

Well, it's been super long since I have blogged! I guess the biggest news is that


We found that out on October 9th! Everything looked great with the scans, all her organs and everything! That was an amazing day!

I made a shirt to show to people so they knew what the sex was.

We showed my mom first, then my aunt. And my dad had to work, so I sent him a picture of the shirt on his phone. He couldn't read it, but he saw the pink. He said he was hoping it was twins!
Then we went to Casey's surprise party at Hooters, and eventually revealed it to Jeff's parents, and a lot of his mom's family who was at the party.

I can't remember the very first day I felt her kicking me, but I never felt any flutters. It was when I was 21 weeks, and I started feeling jabs. They were really strong from the get go. Jeff got to feel her not too long after I started. She moves a lot these days.

Deciding her name was a real challenge! We could not agree on ANYTHING! Some of the names I wanted were Emerson, nn Emmy, Adalyn, McKenna, Claire, Macy, Celia, Cadence. Some of the names Jeff liked were Sierra, Jada, Jocelyn, Kendra. I can't remember that many of them. But when we first started looking, I gave Jeff a list and asked him to mark some he liked. One of the names was Stella, which was also on my list. We went back and forth for a long time. Well, it felt like a long time. Around 24 or 25 weeks we decided on Stella Rose Westenhofer. Rose is after his Paternal Grandma Roselee. I am very happy with it because it's not too common, and it's not a made up name. Everyone I tell it to seems to like it!

So, I am currently 28 weeks and 4 days, in the 3RD TRIMESTER!! 80 days left as of today! Back in October I switched from my OB to a midwife, and I am SO glad I did. Jeff and I have been taking Birth Your Way childbirth classes, and our last one is tonight! We are also hiring a Doula, and I have picked her as well! Yay! Still working on finding a daycare, which is not a fun thing to do! It sucks!

I also took my 1 hour glucose test on Friday, 12-4. I got the call on Monday that I failed that test. I am not sure what my reading was, but I am going to find out. So, I went in at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday to take the 3 hour test. In the 3 hour test, they draw your blood once, then you have to drink this nasty sugar drink. Then an hour following that they draw your blood, and 2 more times after that on the hour. I will be finding out my results today, hopefully.

I will try to make some more updates more often!

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