Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Starting to be READY!

I am starting to get more anxious! The last 5 weeks have gone by pretty quick, with Christmas and one of my showers! My Mom's shower was super nice, about 20 people came. I don't have any pictures, Melissa is the only one who took pictures. I will get them from her. I am 34 weeks and 3 days today. But I was looking back, and I really think my due date should be the 18th. But we will see. Not to mention my dream where I had the baby, and she was born Jan. 10th. So I am interpreting that to mean she will be born Feb. 10th. Either way it will be fine if she was, I would be 37 weeks 4 days going by the 2-27 due date. I just can't shake the feeling I will go early. It doesn't seem to be wishful thinking. But I know everybody thinks they will be early! Beth (my midwife) checked her position from the outside and said she is definitely head down, pretty low I think. I will get a new photo soon & post it!

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