Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stella's First 2 Weeks

Stella has been in the world for 2 weeks & 4 days! It's unbelievable! We got home on Saturday the 6th around noon. It is a lot of work getting used to having a newborn. Jeff has been an amazing help! Thankfully, since he was laid off, he stayed home with us for almost 2 weeks. I was so sad when he had to go back to work. We have had so much food brought to us, which has been so helpful! I have so much support from my mom, Jeff's mom, Jeff's aunts and Melissa. The breastfeeding has not been easy, we are still not totally on top of it. I think it is starting to get better though. I broke down and gave her the pacifier right at two weeks. That has been so great in helping to soothe her. She hasn't had any nipple confusion either.

She had her first Dr. appointment on Monday March 8th. She was down to 6 lb. 0.5 oz. She was also having pink/red spots in her urine when she peed. The spots didn't go away, so we took her back to the pediatrician on Thursday the 11th. At that appointment she was down again to 5 lb. 15 oz. which is a whole pound under her birth weight. I had to start pumping and feeding her extra milk with a syringe. Thankfully 3 days later on the 13th she was back up to 6 lb 3 oz. Around the 17th, we worked out the breastfeeding problem by doing skin to skin contact. We had another Dr. appointment on Friday the 19th and she was up to 6 lb 11 oz! Yay! We also went out to lunch with mom, dad & Jack. And Jeff and I took her for her first walk on the 19th, the weather was so amazing!

Stella is so sweet and adorable. She is the best thing ever!

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