Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stress, Stress, Stress

So, it has been a while since I posted. Things have been stressful lately. The Friday before I had to go back to work, our fridge broke. We had to find a new (used) one. Then I had to start work & take Stella to Kiddie Kampus. I did post about that, ugh! But then on day 4 of her being at daycare, I went in at 12:30 to pick her up early. When I got there I could hear down the hallway that she was crying pretty hard. I assumed that someone was trying to comfort her, but when I got to the infant room, I saw her laying in her crib alone bawling. This is traumatic enough for a parent to have to deal with! But when I got to her to pick her up, she was laying there with her blanket covering her mouth. I know they did that on purpose to try to keep the paci in her mouth. Two other days that week they had swaddled her and put part of the swaddle over her mouth to keep the paci in. But those times, she had been sitting up in the swing. I was pretty much in shock. There had only been one person in the room at the time. She was over feeding another baby. I just don't think it's right that a 7 week old has to lay in her bed and cry for who knows how long. Don't even get me started on the possible suffocation that could have occurred! It makes me so upset to think about it. There was NO way I was going to take her back there. I had a breakdown and was crying to Jeff saying Please don't make take her back there...

Such a shitty experience. She is at an in home daycare right now, but as of June 1 my mom is going to be watching her!! YAY! Talk about a dream come true. <3

Then a couple days ago my pump started acting up. I was worried it was going to totally quit, and I would be SOL. Since I am pumping exclusively, that could have been very bad! I was searching around trying to find a coupon to Burlington Coat Factory because they had pumps on sale. So, if I had a coupon, it would be even less, and they are like $300. In my search, Lisa found out what I was needing and offered to pay for it. Once again, they (Lisa, Becky & Linda) were their to bail me out. It is so beyond helpful. I am so blessed to have so much help. The new Medela Pump In Style Advanced is AWESOME by the way! Stella was Baptised on 4-25-10 but I will start a new post on that!

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