Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stella Updates!

Stella is getting so big! She is grabbing things and holding things really well. I am hoping she is getting into a sleep pattern, the last 2 nights she has gone to bed at 8 then woke up to eat at 1 am, then wakes up around 4 but I just give her the paci & she goes back to sleep. Before she would go to bed between 6-7, then I would give her a dream feed at 9 or 10. Then she would eat again at 3 or 4. But wouldn't want to go back to sleep. Then more recently she was getting up twice a night and that was really rough. So, I can live with this schedule, hopefully it stays this way!!

She loves to stare at your hand, and she started doing this thing where she puts her feet together. She was playing with her links last night & threw them at least 2 feet! She love, love, loves to talk! She is a talking fool. She has also really gotten into sleeping on her side. Jeff says wassssssssup to her all the time, and she has started to make a sound similar. I also have video where she almost said Mama, with some coaching of course!!

She is such a doll and I can't stand it!! I love her so daggone much! She is getting so big, and she loves staying with Grammie during the day! Oh, and she seemed to be teething, chewing on EVERYTHING, and drooling while she chewed. And now you can see the two bottom teeth down under the gums. It will be a while still I think. She is so hard to get a photo of with a big grin. I try & try, but she always turns her face, or it just doesn't show the grin because she does it so fast. But I did get some great video!! She is 3.5 months!!!

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