Monday, August 2, 2010


Stella is growing SO FAST! She will be 5 months old this week! It's really unbelievable. She is so smart & happy! She has learned how to make raspberry sounds with her tounge, trying to get some video! She will imitate you when you do it. She still hasn't really laughed yet. She does this cough/choke sound that is her laugh. Hopefully we will get belly laughs soon, I can't wait! She can push herself around on her tummy, but not quite crawling yet. She has the best, expressive faces! I honestly think she makes the same faces as me! LOL She is babbling a lot. No real first words yet. So far, she has had Bananas, Pears & Sweet Potatoes. She has liked them all. I am nervous about her liking peas and other not sweet veggies. I may try to do Advacados after the Sweet Potatoes. I am hopefully going to get a food processor so I can make some myself! I will post some more July Photos soon!! I am excited to see what she measures at her 5 month appointment on the 16th.

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