Thursday, October 25, 2012

Or Not/ Halloween!

I wish I had enough time to write down all the funny stuff Stella says! She is so bright and amazes me every day. She has finally mastered pulling her pants up and down when she goes to the potty. She was pulling them down for a while, but for some reason would claim she couldn't pull them up. Eventually I bribed her into doing it once and she caught on from there. She is getting more independent and it makes me kind of scared! She is still so sweet and cuddly though. I am so thankful for that, I love hugging her and holding her hand. She is so great at singing, this is nothing new, but she can take a tune of a song and just make up her own words to the tune. I wanted to share this conversation from a couple mornings ago while I was brushing her hair:
Me: Stella can I please put your hair in a ponytail?
Stella: No, I don't like it.
Me: Please, it will look cute and keep the hair out of your face!
Me: Say, Yes Mama.
Stella: Or not...

Stella and I went on a date a couple Saturdays ago. I have been trying to get in some special one on one time with her before the new baby comes. We went to the zoo, then lunch and then got ice cream. Great day with my baby!!

The sad thing is she got that exact phrase from hearing me say it. Whoops! She did still let me put it up though. Halloween is coming up quick and she is so excited for it! We went to Huber's a couple weekends ago and got pumpkins and she rode a pony and played. She had fun. Whenever she sees a house that is decorated for Halloween she says, "There's a Halloween house!" We are taking her to the Zoo halloween party tonight and she is going to do Trunk or Treat at my parents subdivision Friday. :) She is going to be a pink poodle on Halloween, but tonight it is going to be warm so I think she is going to wear her Snow White dress.

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