Thursday, February 6, 2014

Raising sweethearts

Sometimes I am sure I am raising the sweetest girls in the world! Stella is at that age where it can go either way, but she deep down she is a true kind heart. She constantly tells me she loves me and gives me hugs. We had Hannah's birthday party to go to on February 1st. She also had gymnastics that day. A week before the party I asked her which thing she wanted to do since they were both at the same time. She said she wanted to do both, and I explained to her she would be late to the party and she agreed. On Friday we were getting ready for school and she said, "Mommy, I changed my mind I don't want to do both. I want to go to Hannah's party." I said, "Ok honey, are you sure?" She said, "Yes because I love Hannah more than I love gymnastics." It was so sweet.

Vivian is so sweet herself. She is THE BEST hugger. I can't get over how good her hugs are. She has been doing it for the last month or so. I will pick her up and she just grabs me around the neck and squeezes. She is almost always happy and smiley. She loves her sister and she loves laughing. She is also very into climbing. I am afraid she is going to be my daredevil. She is still very into nursing and snuggles with mommy to sleep. She LOVES to eat, like it's crazy how much. She will just eat and eat and eat. She has been standing straight up without holding onto anything but no steps yet. She's so close. She is also getting in her top tooth.

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