Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I love V & S 4 ever!

Once again,mommy guilt over not posting more often!! The girls are doing great. Vivian is getting so big. She is so funny and sweet and strong! She loves to say Kitty, when she sees a cat she says, Kitty... Awwww! It's so sweet! She says Mama, dog, kitty is her main word though. She is very good at walking. They both had a great time at their Frozen birthday party.

Stella is still so brilliant. She is so good at playing guessing games. She gives me clues and I guess what she's thinking. She tells me the letter, color, identifying clues. She is so good at it. Today in the car she said, "Mommy when I grow up I want people to call me Sleeping Beauty SnowWhite Elsa Anna Rapunzel Jasmine Cinderella Princess and the Frog Dorothy. It was so funny. She is so artistic and great at coloring. Vivian loves to point, instead of waving at people she points at them. :) If you say Good Job Vivian or Yay she will clap. She loves belly buttons. She has to stick her finger in them. Thanks Pawpaw. lol Her smile is so bright and beautiful and happy. She is also working on blowing kisses.

They had their 1 and 4 year check ups on 3/24/14. Vivian was 20 lbs
Stella was 37 lbs and 41 inches.

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