Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Colds Suck!

Stella is starting to get over her first cold. It started around Sunday, and she has had a little cough and a lot of snot! I bought a Nose Frida to help clear some of the snot out, and it really gets a lot out! Unfortunately you have to suck a tube to do it, but doesn't bother me! That is the least I can do!

New and mentionable things Stella is doing lately:

When I pick her up, she pats me on the back

She acted like she was going to share her paci with me, then she yanked it away and laughed!

She took a large men's sock out of the laundry basket and tried to put it on

She has started to "dance" (Bob up and down when sitting) all the time now, especially when she's excited

This is old news but she has perfected her pincer grasp!

Also old news, She plays peek-a-boo with you. She holds a blanket up in front of her face and then yanks it down.

There is nothing more amazing than my daughter. Love you Stella!

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