Monday, December 6, 2010


Well, we celebrated Stella's 9 month b-day by taking a trip to see Santa & Mrs. Claus. That was something Uncle Dave's Lyons Club had. It didn't go very well. But you can't really tell from the first photo. Then I tried again, to see if she was ok with Mrs. Claus....but no dice!

Obviously I could not be satisfied with these as her first photos with Santa. So, we made a trip out on Sunday to find a good mall Santa. That was almost a fail when I saw how much they charged! Cheap package is $20 and you get 2 5x7s. We started at St. Matthews, but their Santa wasn't very authentic. So, we tried Bass Pro Shop since their Santa is free. But the line there was really long. Then we went to Jefferson Mall, and Santa was at lunch for another 45 minutes. But I decided we would wait, and it paid off! I was very happy with the Santa, and he did a good job keeping Stella from freaking out! Finally got my perfect Santa photo!! :)

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