Monday, April 4, 2011

Wish I knew!

Stella is so awesome, she is babbling so much lately. Except she really means what she is saying, even though it's not English. She will also talk and point her finger with a really serious look on her face. I really want to know what she is saying! A couple nights ago she was in the bath tub and she started doing something with the water. She would put both hands under water and pull them out and look at them. Then she'd clap them together, she did that over and over. Almost like she was trying to pick the water up, but when she clapped them it was like she was trying to get the water off.... I have no clue, but I wish I did! She is so smart and inquisitive! She also has more teeth coming in next to the top two! Here is a shot from yesterday, she was being extra super sweet & adorable!

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