Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Little Lady

Today at church I was holding Stella, she had her hand behind my head. She said that hand is playing peekaboo! It was so cute and funny. She is getting so big! She had her first trip to Thunder yesterday, it was quite cold, but fun! She was a trooper, and she wasn't scared of the fireworks, but she did seem overwhelmed.

 Grandma brought her some fresh picked strawberries today. Boy did she eat them up!! :) 

She also asked about Darcie again today. Last week she said, "Where's Darcie?" And so I told her Darcie was sick, and she couldn't stay with us anymore. She had to go live up on the moon and she wasn't sick there. She seemed anxious when I told her, she was kind of ringing her hands. So, I tried not to force any info on her. She mentions her sometime and I can tell she still thinks she is at the doctor. Today we walked to the park, our first trip without Darcie. On the way back there was a lady with a dog and when we walked away she said, "I don't have a dog." Tonight when I was rocking her, she had a stuffed dog that looks just like Darcie and she calls it Darcie. She said, "Darcie is at the doctor. You took her to the doctor Mamma." I told her, no, remember, Darcie was sick and she had to go stay on the moon now. She feels better now on the moon, but she can't stay with us anymore. She said, Oh... I said, do you miss her? She was sad and she said Yes, I cried a lot. I told her I missed her too. She said, I missed her at the park. I don't know how I held myself together. It was so sad. My poor baby deserves to grow up with her dog. I don't know what I will do, I want us both to be dog owners...It really sucks. A LOT.

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