Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vivi Girl

My baby girl is growing up so fast! She is so big and strong! She is a happy girl too. We are doing everything we can to get her reflux/food sensitivities under control. For 2.5 weeks I've been doing a Total Elimination diet. I went down to only eating Turkey, Rice and Pears. At this point I've added avocado, Rice Milk, Apples, Apple juice, Carrots, Green beans and a couple of processed things. I am staying far away from anything with dairy and soy. I had some coconut ice cream, it was chocolate, and I think she reacted to it. So, keeping away from chocolate too. I am going to try and add gluten/bread back in soon. I really didn't notice her doing any better when I took that out. We started with her first Craniosacral Therapy session last Wednesday and had a second on this Tuesday. Pam Yenawine is her therapist. It is a very different kind of treatment, but I think it is helping. Here is a breif description:

"Cranial sacral has to do with the cranium (head) and sacrum (the 5 lowest vertebrae that are all fused together down by your tailbone) and the connection between the two by way of the spine and cerebral spinal fluid. The head is supposed to be fairly round. However, for a variety of reasons it can be misshapen and the bones can be overlapped or have indentions (the general term for all these is ”lesions”) putting pressure in wrong places and not allowing a good flow for the cerebral spinal fluid around the brain. Why is it important to have good flow of cerebral spinal fluid around the brain? Because that is a major source of food for the brain. It contains salts, sugars, etc that the brain needs to grow operate. If the flow of fluid is blocked off or can’t get to the places in adequate amounts it hinders the brains growth, development, and capacity to operate efficiently and effectively."

She had been having bowel movements every 4 days. This week she pooped twice Monday and once on Tuesday. When I found out she pooped on Tuesday too I was so excited I cried. So excited that maybe we were turning a corner on all these stomach issues. I am so hopeful that this is the answer for us. I am so blessed that I have so many brilliant women around this community to ask for help. I even found a girl locally who is having the same issues. It's amazing how comforted you feel when you have someone to relate to.

Ok, I totally hyjacked this post, it was supposed to be about "Super Vivi"!

She has gotten this close to being mobile overnight. It's insane. Monday I had her laying on her tummy and she got up on all fours. She can sit up all by herself for at least 30 seconds now. She has figured out how to roll over and over and over. I would say by next week she will be able to sit herself up from lying down. I am so not ready for her to be this mobile. BABYPROOFING!!! AGH! :)

She is just a sweetheart and her smile is so beautiful. I just love her so! She is amazing. 

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