Monday, February 7, 2011

Brilliant Baby

Stella is so dang smart! I think I posted about how she says 'gin (again) when she wants to read a book again. Well, we've been trying to get her to say please or more when she wants more food. Last night I was giving her baked lays and I would ask if she wanted more, then I would tell her to say please. She was mumbling something but it wasn't more, so I didn't pay that much attention. Then I finally realized she was saying 'gin when she wanted another chip! She is the cutest thing ever.

She is also very close to walking now! She has worked her way up to standing all by herself for at least 10 seconds at a time. So close to taking one step, just not quite there. Who knows, it could still be another month! Her Grandma babysat her Saturday and I think they had a good time!

I am so excited about the birthday party! I am about half done with the invitations, they are going to be cute :)

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