Monday, February 28, 2011

So close!

Wow, this will probably be my last post before Stella's FIRST birthday. I am happy and sad, not so much sad as emotional! She is starting to babble and talk like crazy! Yesterday she was eating the baby cheetos and one of them had fuzz on it. So, I was trying to get it from her before she ate it. So I said No, wait! And she shoved them in her mouth and said, "all gone!" Haha, watch out! :) I am pretty sure she knows how to use the word you also. Aunt LuAnn was holding her and she saw a picture of Aunt LuAnn & Grammie. Aunt LuAnn said who is that (pointing to herself) and Stella said you! 2 different times! Last night she was playing with her Kitchen, and it plays the ABC song. She totally tries to sing it. It is the cutest thing! I a little of it on video, hope to upload it soon! This is going to be a crazy week! I hope I get lots of great pictures!

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