Monday, November 7, 2011

My Amazing Daughter!

Yesterday Stella was playing in a diaper box. She wanted Gizmo, aka Fatty McGee to get in with her. But she said, “You too fat?.” I am not thrilled that she says things like that. So, Jeff went and got Fatty McGee and put him in the box with her. She thought it was funny. Then she asked Fatty, “You Comfortable?” and “Do you want some water?” It was so hilarious! Apparently she is getting that from her Grammie.

I wish I could remember how long she has been spelling her name, and saying her ABC’s. I think it’s been at least 2 months.

When we read My Mommy Hung The Moon, there is a dragon at the end of the book. She has noticed that he looks sad. His head is kind of droopy, I think it’s supposed to look like the Mommy caught the dragon. So, she decided that the dragon needed medicine. When we get to that page she pretends to give him medicine. Then she says, “So nice to see you dragon.” She is so funny.

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