Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fabulous Fall

We had great weather today! In the 60s on November 26th, crazy nice! So, I took Stella to the park down the street. I haven't taken her to the park in a while. So, she climbs up and goes to a slide. But she keeps hesitating about going down. That is unusual for her, she lives the slide. So, I keep telling her to go down the slide. I say please go down the slide and she says, "Well, Ok". With the perfect pause in between the words and everything. It was so funny. Well she did the same thing a few more times. I thought she was saying something else too but I couldn't understand her. Finally, I say Please, and she says, "Well, Ok, I'll try it." It was so dang funny, I've never heard her say that stuff before.

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