Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas time is here!

This year Stella is really getting into Christmas. It is so much fun. She is very interested in santa and did very good when she went to see him today. She loves reading The night before Christmas, and can even read some of the lines. She is smarter by the day. Her memory is ridiculous. Not sure if I mentioned her singing the Adele song, but I will post the video. We also got an hilarious one of her with the iphone. Tonight we read I love you stinky face, I live that book. Then she was saying I love mommy, so I'd say I love Stella. Then she said, I love you mommy. My heart melted. She has said love you before but it was just so sweet the way she said it. Man I couldn't love her any more. Paw paw got her a little people nativity set and she loves it! She its going to really love Christmas just like me.

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